Colorbond Roofing Bendigo


Affordable, Long-lasting Colorbond Roofing Bendigo


Truth be told – no other metal roofing product is as thermally efficient and flexible as Colorbond. A brainchild of BlueScope steel, this type of roofing is drawn from the very best modern steel making technologies to create a product that has become a household brand in Australia. Colorbond roofing Bendigo gives you an opportunity to take full advantage of this revolutionary product. Beyond the hype and fame, there are quite a number of reasons why working with roof specialists is a big plus.

This renowned brand comes in over 20 designer colours. You can never run short of options irrespective of the colour scheme of your house. Moreover, Colorbond brings you an additional bonus with the fact that it is extremely versatile in terms of form. This makes it a great choice especially if your roof has an unusual shape or unusual angles. And even better, we have the tools, expertise and approval to help with any kind of roof installation or roof replacement Bendigo.


What is Colorbond Roofing?

Colorbond is a specially coated roofing material that has grown in popularity over the recent years. The reason behind its popularity range from the fact that it gives your home a modern appearance to its light weight and long-lasting features. Colorbond roofing Bendigo is recommended for building with no pitch. And because the material is available in a wide variety of colours, it gives you a special opportunity to complement the general look of your home. This roof is entirely made up of bonded metal which means it does not require painting as often as other metal roofing materials. Indeed, that makes it a low-cost maintenance option and if properly installed by Colorbond roofing Bendigo experts, it can easily cut down on heating and cooling bills.


Why Investing in Colour Bond Roofing is a Good Idea?


Flexibility of Design

This calibre of roofing is renowned for its ability to offer excellent spanning capabilities for efficient structures, effectively creating more column free floor area. With the wide variety of colours available, Colorbond roofing Bendigo gives you the creative license to come up with an outstanding facade. Note that Colorbond is available in different profiles as well meaning you can always find something that suits both the design and general requirements of your house. As an added bonus benefit, thanks to the design flexibility of roof replacement Bendigo, it does not require painting as often as other materials. 


The Resilient Option

Colorbond is ranked as one of the toughest building materials of today. Even though its popularity seems to have soared over the last few years, this roofing material has been around for over 5 decades. It has been tested in some extremely harsh environments in Australia. Moreover, it is 100% termite resistant meaning besides being good looking it offers you great value for money and peace of mind. 


Water Collection

With clean water become a scarce commodity in the modern world, investing in a roof that enables you to collect more rainwater in your storage tanks is not a bad idea after all. If you are looking to collect more rainwater, either for your garden, home, animals etc. investing in a colorbond roof is a far much better alternative than concrete tile owing to their low level of absorbency. This is because Colorbond is corrugated with a bonded paint finish which prevents it from absorbing moisture. 


It’s the Lightweight Option

Compared to concrete or tiles made of terracotta, Colorbond is only 10% as heavy. That means it relieves your roof frame from the impact of excess weight and this goes a long way to ensure a stable home. Furthermore, using concrete tiles means your house absorbs water when it rains, and so your roof keeps getting heavier thereby increase the risk of your house caving in. Any extra weight is considered a risk to your home’s structural support. But thanks to Colorbond’s inability to absorb water you don’t have to worry about fluctuations in roof weight.



If you live in an area that’s prone to bushfire, getting yourself Colorbond roof Bendigo as compared to any other roofing material would such a good idea. It is fire resistant and it is way easier to seal it against burning ash or flying embers.


Friendly to Mother Nature

Colorbond roofing sheets are recyclable, and are one of the most re-used materials out there. Besides being easy to transport (which means less carbon emissions), it generates minimal on-site wastage thereby reducing the impact to building sites and the environment at large. These roofing sheets feature thermatech technology which harnesses their reflective powers preventing heat build-up in your home. That of course relieves your air-conditioner of pressure which equates to more savings on your energy bills. 


Corrosion Resistant

The material is made with a ZINCALUME steel base which is fully baked on paint finish that resists cracking, peeling and chipping. ZINCALUME is also resistant to corrosion, effectively delivering renowned long-life performance. To top it all up, Colorbond roofing materials use advanced Super Polyester pre-painted coating to ensure your roof look as good as new for many more years to come. 

But in order for you to reap all those benefits; you need to have roof installation done as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. 


Talk to The Experts

We are your best choice for installing Colorbond roofing Bendigo. With decades of experience in roofing and a solid reputation for Colorbond technology, we have the capacity to advise you on the best options for your unique situation. 

You will find that this material is designed to last a lifetime since it is tested extensively particularly to ensure its durability. With much of that testing having been done in Australia, you can rest assured that investing in such a roof assures you of long-term reliability against harsh climate. To back up all this goodness, your roof will be covered by warranty, so you can rest easy once you have made a choice.

Looking to install a roof that doesn’t need painting every year? Would you like to install a metal roof that is less noisy than average? Colorbond roofing Bendigo offers you the best bargain. Get in touch with leading roof specialists today for a free quote and of course – a new roof.